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Bespoke Parthènope

Bespoke Parthènope

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Parthènope was a Greek sub-colony built between Mount Vesuvius and the Phlegraean Fields in the eighth century BC by the inhabitants of Cuma. Later then it became Neapolis at the end of the sixth century BC.
This masterpiece has been crafted as a tribute to our Neapolitan roots. Paying homage to luxury car exterior and interior styling, our brand new driving gloves made of buttery soft lambskin nappa leather with sumptuous quilted suede detailing, are reminiscent of the racing green exteriors of old with rich beige fabric interiors. This innovative new concept seamless glove, entirely hand crafted in Italy and developed by our most experienced craftsman, envelops the hand with one panel of leather joined together to a central quilted suede insert, thereby avoiding any side panel stitching. The perforated palm also allows for optimum breathability of theleather whilst the bicolor strap with nickel button snap is the ultimate finishing touch.
As a nod to our ethos of contemporary tradition, we have created this modern seamless glove with the addition of rarely seen quirks to the inside finger fourchettes. Quirks are a centuries-old tradition whereby an extra “V-shape” leather gusset is stitched to the base of the fourchettes allowing more movement and better shaping to the fingers. This perfect combination of luxury leathers, new concept design and traditional stitching techniques makes this pair of gloves distinctly unique.

Scroll down or click here to find detailed descriptions on how to take your measurements.

Please bear in mind that bespoke items cannot be exchanged or returned and take around 30 days to be made.

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How to take your measurements

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Materials sheet

Material Italian Lambskin
Lining Unlined

Bespoke Gloves

The most valuable aspects of genuine Made in Italy products have been kept alive over many years: quality, passion for detail and meticulous handcrafted workmanship, perfectly combining the ability to create a uniquely tailored pair of gloves with ever evolving research and design development. These are features that attract the informed customer of the latest fashion trends and lead the very same customer to choose only from the best. Every customer has a different story. Because everyone is different. It has never been so easy to order and make a bespoke pair of leather gloves in your own unique size.

How to take your measurements

Measurement A

Hand Length

Measure the hand length in cm and insert it above in Measurement A.

Measurement B

Hand circumference

Measure the hand circumference in cm and insert it above in Measurement B.

Measurement C

Between thumb and index finger

Measure between thumb and forefinger in cm and insert it above in Measurement C.

Measurement D

Thumb length

Measure the thumb length in cm and insert it above in Measurement D.

Measurement E

Index finger length

Measure the index finger length in cm and insert it above in Measurement E.

Measurement F

Middle finger length

Measure the middle finger length in cm and insert it above in Measurement F.

Measurement G

Ring finger length

Measure the ring finger length in cm and insert it above in Measurement F.

Measurement H

Little finger length

Measure the little finger length in cm and insert it above in Measurement H.

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