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Gala Gloves is a story that began long ago

It was during the 1930s that brother and sister, Anna and Raffaele Muscariello, meticulously and conscientiously learned all about glove craftsmanship.

The refined passion and skill gained over time led the due artists to open up their own artisanal studio in the pulsing heart of the ancient city of Naples. Following in their footsteps was Anna’s adolescent son, Gaetano Pellone.

The young man learned the traditional Neapolitan glove-making craft with much curiosity and diligence and this led him to set up his own business in 1964, closely followed by his wife Antonietta some years later.

Gaetano and Antonietta’s talents and techniques took shape in the form of impeccable leather gloves, made from the best materials and finished with extraordinary detail, and which, as time went on, saw their artisanal gloves displayed within the best specialist glove shops in all of Italy’s major towns.

From 1991, Gaetano and his wife were joined by their first son, Lorenzo, who later decided to pursue a different career path.

The youngest son of this couple, Alessandro Pellone, was also present during those years of frequent visits to the glove studio, and he would spend his time after school observing and helping his parents with their glove-making business.  Consequently, as the years passed, Alessandro came to learn the secret of the art of artisanal glove making and began to hone these innate hand-craft skills.  Today all of his inspiration is expressed within Gala Gloves Srl, the new family business, which is owned and managed outright by Alessandro.

Alessandro has always aspired to bring the luxury and sophistication of Made in Naples craftsmanship beyond the borders of his own country so that the whole world can appreciate every single characteristic of this art.

The tenacity and hard work of this Neapolitan company have been rightly rewarded.  The Neapolitan leather gloves carrying the Gala Gloves brand name now enjoys international reach beyond Milan, London and Tokyo.

With over 80 years of expertise, we have maintained high standards of quality in order to protect the Made in Naples tradition which, from the very first, have been the essence of our family business.

With our nod to the past and our mind focussed towards the future, we work zealously and copiously, day after day, to blend quality and elegance with current trends.

This is what Alessandro loves to define as “contemporary tradition”, the cornerstone which brings together three generations of the Pellone family.

Ours is a contemporary traditionwith its heart in the past and its vision towards the future

We have one mission, to make the best Neapolitan artisanal glove-crafting tradition known in Italy and around the world.

So if you were to ask how Gala Gloves was born, we'd say: from the audacity to dare to be different. Always!