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Men's hand-stitched grey carpincho gloves cashmere lined

Men's hand-stitched grey carpincho gloves cashmere lined

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Carpincho refers to a large South American rodent. The leather from this animal is a fine product that ages well and becomes more comfortable over time. It’s similar to peccary leather and is often used to make luxurious gloves. This semi-aquatic species is found only in parts of South America including north Argentina, some parts of Brazil and Paraguay. They are raised on farms and only certified farm-raised carpincho hides are legally used for making gloves. Handcrafted by Gala Gloves' best craftsmen these gloves are a stylish tribute to the skilled hands that made them and are guaranteed to stand the test of time. The smoothness of the leather is set off by a soft cashmere lining. The gloves will keep your hands warm during even the coldest winter days.

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Materials sheet

Material Carpincho

Made in Napoli

Our artisans religiously observe the ancient rites of the Neapolitan glove-making tradition. All the production steps are followed scrupulously and diligently so that no detail is missed out.

How our gloves are made