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Coppa Delle Alpi Edition: Timeless elegance

Coppa Delle Alpi Edition: Timeless elegance

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Our cap, made of a Prince Of Wales patterned wool fabric and quilted nylon lining, embodies timeless elegance. With its soft shape and elastic back, it fits perfectly on any head, guaranteeing unrivalled comfort and style.

Combined with our matching gloves, it becomes a symbol of distinction and sophistication. Made for Sorrento Roads and Coppa delle Alpi by 1000 Miglia, it is the ideal accessory for an elegant and timeless driving experience.

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Made in Napoli

Our artisans religiously observe the ancient rites of the Neapolitan glove-making tradition. All the production steps are followed scrupulously and diligently so that no detail is missed out.

How our gloves are made