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Men's peccary fingerless driving gloves with crochet top and strap detail

Men's peccary fingerless driving gloves with crochet top and strap detail

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Charismatic style and rare craftsmanship: two quality that meet in this limited edition driving gloves which combine crochet and precious peccary leather, renowned for its unique strength and softness to the touch. The distinctive design derives from a long and careful work entirely realized by hand according to a traditional technique, nowadays known only by a few skilled craftsmen. The result are gloves of exclusive quality and versatile charm: ideal for enhancing a distinctive outfit in all everyday occasions and for turning the perfect grip into authentic class. For its particularly smooth and long lasting quality the peccary gloves today are know as a symbol of luxury and quality.

Important information for non-EU customers
For customers from non-EU countries delivery times are longer because this product requires the CITES export certificate, which regulates these wild species’ business. Therefore we will need before dispatch an additional 10 working days for the release of the CITES export certificate by the related Authorities.
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Made in Napoli

Our artisans religiously observe the ancient rites of the Neapolitan glove-making tradition. All the production steps are followed scrupulously and diligently so that no detail is missed out.

How our gloves are made